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This short film making blog comes from the simple hope that if I post, get it out of my head, tell some people about it, that process will somehow make the film appear. I plan to put updates up here, to mainly show myself that I am making progress. Actually, instead of updates, I wonder if I could almost write the short film here. Use this blog as a writers notebook. A reader new to the blog could just cover the most recent couple of posts to see the latest version, as the previous posts would just be earlier versions that are now superseded. Of if the reader wanted to get archeological they could dig back through the layers and see previous versions.

Ok, with the idea that this blog will be more than just updates, that I will actually try and write the short film here, I will first go through and upload what I have so far.

For starters, some basic character background.


  • Japanese man, about 30, perhaps younger. Has been overseas but back in Hiroshima. Feels stuck in a rut, cant find his way. Helping his dad out in his bicycle shop 
  • Wants to figure things out/work things out, hands on. A bit bloody minded. Cant let things go. That’s why he is good as a bicycle fixer. But that makes him unsatisfied. 
  • Japanese speaker, also English quite well


  • European woman, about 30, perhaps younger. Inveterate traveler
  • inquisitive
  • finds experiences and then moves on
  • doesn’t have anything to figure out/think through in particular, just goes there and experiences. 
  • Speaks a European language, English well, and has studied Japanese.


  • European man, about 40. Has been in Japan long time.
  • Knows a lot academically/youtube-ly about Japan and has definite (a bit too strident) ideas. 
  • Doesn’t get around Japan much, unless to the same bar/pub never going anywhere/just theorizing to figure it out.  A bit older than M
  • A lot of thinking/propping up is misguided view of the world, little practical
  • English speaker, knows some Japanese picked up, not studied.






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